bamboocounting said: Oh, no, calm horticultural adventures are the best. I always remembered that one line where thor Reacts to gardening as a career path -- besides laughing myself sick, it also kinda crystallised my regret that we weren't likely to see too much of that side of Asgard in the films.

It’s funny because I am SO not into gardening myself; I’m on Thor’s side there. But the worldbuilding aspect was great fun because the VISUALS of Asgard that we’re given in the movies are so gorgeous, so vastly urban, so — cold, despite the warmth of the colour palette and the deliberate contrast of Asgardians with the even colder Frost Giants. I built that whole story around that feeling of coldness, and all the practical questions I had about WHERE THE VEGIE GARDENS WERE.

"Fuller added that the love between Hannibal and Will is real (if not sexual), although he joked that the fans have done a good job of covering the sexual aspect through fan fiction."

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Anonymous said: I still can't get over how wonderful your oneshots are - the attolia one, the importance of being earnest one, and (in alphabetical order) Alice in wonderland, brave, and thor fics. And since I can't think of anything besides noting how self-contained they all are, is there anything that you weren't able to add into them when you were writing them? (or do they spring from your mind like athena fully formed. they're so beautiful *-* )

HUGS FOR YOU, ANON. I often joke that I have no hope of becoming well known in any fandom because it’s so seldom that I write more than one or two stories for anything; what happens is that I watch/read something, let my thoughts and feelings churn around inside me for a while, and then suddenly spew out those thoughts and feelings in convenient story form. (Charming image, I know.)

And then, having processed said book/movie/whatever to my satisfaction, I smile and move on. I’ve said what I wanted to say! Goodbye!

The Attolia and Importance of Being Earnest stories, at least, were written as treats for Yuletide, so they were a matter of my whim coinciding with someone’s request. I don’t think I’d add anything to them. Ditto the Brave fic (I saved up ALL of my feelings about Elinor when I saw the film, because I knew I’d probably get a chance to write about them for Yuletide, and I managed to get everything I wanted into that story).

The Thor story deserves a bit more of a mention (that’s we may be better strangers) because it’s more personal, in a weird kind of way, and out of all the ones you mentioned it’s the one that I built carefully up from a small speck of an idea and probably could have kept building, exploding it out into something a lot larger. But it was already edging close enough to original fiction that it would have bored the MCU fandom witless to see much more of my invented version of my namesake goddess having calm horticultural adventures while Thor and Loki just kind of…existed…elsewhere.

So yes, I would have liked to write more about Freyja. And more about how I envisaged the relationship between Freyr and Loki, actually, because I glanced on it SO briefly in the story, but I knew a lot about how it all happened and what Loki’s complex motivations around it were. And what Freyr himself (who is quite…opaque, as I wrote him) felt about it. And how the twins processed it between themselves, afterwards.

bitternakano said: My favourite fanfic of yours is "The Anatomy of Need" and I was wondering what inspired it, if you still remember? Haha, I cant even remember what point Naruto was at during that time.

Ooh, what a good one. (Here’s a link, for anyone playing along at home.)

One answer is that ‘The Anatomy of Need’, like a few of my other stories (I’d say ‘Healer’ and ‘take to witness all the gods’ are the most obvious examples) came directly out of my medical training and my need to process some aspects of that training via fiction.

But really, I tend to zero in pretty quickly on medical/healer characters in fandom and I love thinking about how they fit into the world, and how they reconcile their gifts/their profession with the moral decisions they make. Sakura and Kabuto were always two of my favourite characters in the Naruto world for that reason, and I liked Kabuto especially because he was a cynical, critical outsider and also kind of a TOTAL BASTARD. I am good at bastards.

(I also like writing medical characters because the imagery comes so effortlessly by now that it barely feels like creativity at all. But that’s more laziness than anything else.)

That particular story, as far as I remember, was written for an exchange between a small community of Naruto fandomers who hung out on LJ, and my recipient was the only other person I knew who was also weirdly into Kabuto. So of course I leapt on the excuse to POUR OUT ALL MY FEELINGS, both about Kabuto himself, and about my best guess for how a sober and realistic future would work for those kids, based on where the canon was at the time. The specific, aching pain of Sakura’s exclusion from the Naruto/Sasuke dynamic was something I wrote about from her perspective in ‘Triage’, but it was fun to be sharper, more spiteful, and more objective about it, from Kabuto’s.

I wrote most of it while sitting on trains in Italy.

I think my favourite quote from it is this —

"A village is no more than the people that live in it."
It sounds like a quotation. Diagnostically, Kabuto says: “Or the people that lead it.”
Sasuke looks away.

— because I still feel smug about the use of the word ‘diagnostically’ in that setting.

Anonymous said: (everything you write goes beyond perfect can't pick a fandom ahh) would you yell a little about hockey? about the true actual fact that after getting separate rooms kaner and tazer still actually chose to have the door between their rooms open?

ok. yelling about hockey. this is not going to be what you wanted, I think, but here goes.
my problem is I never, ever expected to be into the sports-narrative aspect of hockey fandom. I grew up as someone who was only mildly into professional sports, more aware of it, in the way that you can’t really escape in australia. you KNOW SOME SHIT about cricket and tennis and probably (ugh) rugby. you have an AFL team, if you were born in melbourne to parents who both came of age in the state of victoria (mine? the sydney swans). maybe you have never watched a full game of televised sports in your life, but the sound of the cricket commentary murmuring from the room next door is a normal, soothing summer soundtrack.
(ice hockey itself, to me, was the thing that happened at the ice rink when we figure skaters weren’t there. it was the reason why there were colourful dots and lines on the ice, which were helpful for keeping your figures neat and for choreographing a routine. hockey itself? what a WASTE OF ICE TIME.)
I got into hockey fandom because someone on my dreamwidth reading list recced a fic, and I started reading the more popular pairings, and at first I veered towards AUs and PWPs that pressed the right buttons for me, because who cares about actual HOCKEY, am I right?
but I’ve come to realise that there’s something totally fascinating to me about the culture of hockey specifically (as evidenced by these are the fables), and also more generally the psychology of and the narratives around sports players. the hypermasculinity that’s touted, the behaviours that are condemned and those that are forgiven, the PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE, the journalism and the backstories and the intense relationships that go into making a team, where a team is both a group of people playing a game and a professional money-making, publicity-attracting unit.
and I’m starting to GET, now, why this fandom is…a fandom. why it matters so much to a group of people online whose lifeblood is narrative, and who find a lot of joy in embellishing the existing narrative to create something personal and attractive to them, that kaner and tazer are codependent to the point of leaving that damn hotel room door open.
besides, you know. the potential for writing porn :)

dear tumblr, I’m sitting in my clinic room at 10:45am on a sunday morning, nominally ‘listening to paediatrics lectures’ and ‘doing online modules’ but really going out of my mind with boredom.

so if anyone feels like spamming my askbox with anything at all — questions about my writing? things I should write next? strong opinions about how unfair it is that wormhole technology hasn’t progressed to the point where the entire fannish population of the planet can just duck over to SDCC? — I would appreciate that.


Looking towards Edinburgh Castle sitting way above the Grassmarket


Looking towards Edinburgh Castle sitting way above the Grassmarket

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Title: Knock on Wood

Author: Fahye

Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Pairing: Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews

"I could," Jonny says again. His voice is closer now, and there’s the start of something in it that makes Patrick’s bones shiver with sense-memory. "But I was thinking maybe tonight I’d take you apart without even touching you, how does that sound."

Apparently weekly challenges where I yell at myself to KEEP THINGS SHORT, FAHYE, SHORT are a good way to get some writing done without the emotional masochism that comes with chipping away at never-ending WIPs.

(Plus I’m in the stage of learning to write porn where that seems to be all I’m writing, because practice is key, I suppose.)


“The king lifted a hand to her cheek and kissed her. It was not a kiss between strangers, not even a kiss between a bride and groom. It was a kiss between a man and his wife, and when it was over, the king closed his eyes and rested his forehead in the hollow of the queen’s shoulder, like a man seeking respite, like a man reaching home at the end of the day.” 
The Love of Kings and Queens by la-lepre

“The king lifted a hand to her cheek and kissed her. It was not a kiss between strangers, not even a kiss between a bride and groom. It was a kiss between a man and his wife, and when it was over, the king closed his eyes and rested his forehead in the hollow of the queen’s shoulder, like a man seeking respite, like a man reaching home at the end of the day.” 

The Love of Kings and Queens by la-lepre

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i’m not crying, you are. [wipes face]

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